TECAMID® 66 natural

PA 66 unfilled

Polyamide 66 has good rigidity, hardness, abrasion resistance and thermal dimensional stability. In addition, nylon 66 has outstanding wear resistance and low frictional properties. It also has very good temperature, chemical, and impact properties. Users should be aware of PA 66 propensity to absorb moisture which could affect dimensional stability. In fact, PA 66 will tend to absorb more moisture at saturation than cast PA type 6. It has been successfully used in diverse applications ranging from electronics, marine, and automotive industries, to forrestry, construction and mining.



Chemical designation
PA 66 (Polyamide 66)
1,14 g/cm3

Main Features

  • very good slide and wear properties
  • good machinability
  • broad chemical compatibility
  • resistent to cleaning agents

Target industries

Technical details

  • Mechanical properties
    Mechanical propertiesValueUnitConditionTest Method
    Tensile strength at yield12,000psi@ 73 °FASTM D 638
    Modulus of elasticity
    (tensile test)
    350,000psiASTM D 638
    Elongation at break (tensile test)50%@ 73 °FASTM D 638
    Flexural strength16,500psi@ 73 °FASTM D 790
    Modulus of elasticity
    (flexural test)
    440,000psi@ 73 °FASTM D 790
    Compression strength1,500psi@ 73 °F, 1% strainASTM D 695
    Impact strength (Izod)1.0ftlbsin@ 73 °FASTM D 256
    Rockwell hardness85-@ 73 °FASTM D 785
    Wear (K) factor200*10-10in3minftlbshr40 psi, 50 fpmASTM D 3702
    Coefficient of friction0.26lbs/in^2DynamicASTM D 3702
    Tensile strength at break12,300psi@ 73 °FASTM D 638
    Elongation at yield7%@ 73 °FASTM D 638
    Compression modulus392,000psi@ 73 °FASTM D 695
  • Thermal properties
    Thermal propertiesValueUnitConditionTest Method
    Service temperature185FLong Term-
    Service temperature300Fshort term-
    Deflection temperature450F@ 66 psiASTM D 648
    Deflection temperature194F@264 psiASTM D 648
    Thermal expansion (CLTE)4.5*10-5ininFASTM D 696
    Specific heat0.4butlbf-
    Melting temperature491FASTM D 2133
  • Electrical properties
    Electrical propertiesValueUnitConditionTest Method
    Volume resistivity1015O*cmASTM D 257
    Dielectric constant4-@ 60 Hz, 70 °F, 50% RHASTM D 150
    Dielectric constant3.6-@ 1 MHzASTM D 150
    Dissipation factor0.01-@ 60 Hz, 70 °FASTM D 150
  • Other properties
    Other propertiesValueUnitConditionTest Method
    Flammability (UL94)HB--
    Water absorption0.45%@ 24 hrs, 73 °FASTM D 570
    Moisture absorption8.5%@ saturation, 73 °FASTM D 570

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