X-ray detectable plastics

In answer to the often asked question, “Can you see plastic on x-ray?”; as a general rule engineering plastics do not show up well on x-ray or fluoroscopic displays, unless they have been modified in some way to make them more opaque than the surrounding substrate.  This characteristic is important for applications in both the medical and food industries, and Ensinger has developed innovative solutions for both.

Ensinger's x-ray materials FOR MEDICAL INDUSTRY

With its X-ray opaque XRO materials, Ensinger meets the challenging demands of minimally invasive and image-controlled surgery whilst also offering additional safety and security during surgical operations. X-ray plastics are used for a variety of instruments, such as tools and trial sizes, where clear visibility of components is advantageous.
Ensinger's X-ray materials are TECAPEEK MT XRO (PEEK) and TECASON P MT XRO (PPSU). Both plastics are manufactured in many standard colours, produced to suit the customer order. This allows greater flexibility when designing your applications, e.g., to be able to easily distinguish between different instruments and sizes or to differentiate from competitor's products by colour branding. 

TECAPEEK MT XRO (PEEK) and TECASON P MT XRO (PPSU) are medical grade plastics with good visibility and radiography.  is a medical grade PPSU with good visibility and radiography. 

A contrast medium added to the standard TECAPEEK MT and TECASON P MT lines permits clear visibility of compo­nents under fluoroscopy and X-ray radiation. It provides the surgeon with a precise pic­ture of their instruments or of orthopaedic trial implants during image controlled procedures. 


TECAPEEK MT XRO green is a x-ray opaque, biocompatible PEEK material.


TECASON P MT XRO black is a x-ray detectable biocompatible PPSU plastic that meets the challenging demands of image-controlled surgery and ...

TECAPEEK MT XRO (PEEK) and TECASON P MT XRO (PPSU) have been tested in accordance with the requirements of ISO 10993 for medical products coming into contact with bodily fluids, bone substances and dentin for up to 24 hours.

Other properties include: 
  • X-ray impermeable
  • Resistant to cleaning agents, disinfectants and various solvents
  • Resistant to repeated steam autoclaving
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • High thermal stability and outstanding mechanical characteristics
  • High impact strength 


Ensinger's X-ray materials for food industry

As in line x-ray technology and its associated costs have improved, producers in the food industry have begun to embrace the technology as a reliable method for alerting production workers to the presence of unwanted particulate matter during food quality inspection. 

In addition to optical and metal detective characteristics, Ensinger’s Ultra Detectable family of engineering plastics also has the ability to be picked up by typical in-line x-ray detection systems that are being deployed in food production facilities for quality inspection purposes.  TECAFORM AH UD blue (POM), TECADUR PBT UD blue (PBT), and TECAPEEK UD blue (PEEK) all count x-ray detection among their key properties. These multi-detectable products have been proven to be valuable material choices to equipment designers looking for the most versatile engineering x-ray plastic solutions. 


TECAPEEK UD blue has the highest temperature and chemical resistance capability of all of Ensinger's Ultra-detectable products. With a heat deflection temperature of over 150°C...


TECAFORM AH UD blue is a revolutionary new food grade plastic that is an ultra detectable acetal copolymer designed specifically for food contact applications in the food industry.


TECADUR PBT UD blue (HYDEX 4101) has been specifically designed for the demanding environment of the food processing industry.