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3D print service for high-performance plastic parts

Additive Manufacturing enables the fast, precise and high quality production of customised 3D printed parts. With our innovative 3D print service, we offer efficient FDM printing solutions for prototypes and small series - for industrial 3D printing of the highest quality, even in demanding environments. Combined with our comprehensive portfolio of high temperature 3D printing materials and 3D printing post processing, we offer customised solutions of the highest quality. Our Additive Manufacturing department specialises in the production of customised 3D printed parts for a wide range of industrial applications. Our 3D printing experts support your project from the selection of the right material to the finished 3D printed part.

Product safety, quality and efficient project management are our top priorities.  With this, we manufacture 3D printed parts exactly to your specifications. Contact us today to profit from our 3D print service for optimal additive manufacturing solutions. 

3D print Service : We print your high-performance plastic part

With over 50 years of experience in the field of high-performance plastics, we provide you with a comprehensive and customised 3D print service from material selection to the finished 3D printed part. Starting with the market's largest portfolio of high temperature 3D printing materials, our 3D print service covers all process steps in additive manufacturing, from conception and design using modern CAD software to complete post processing.

  • Efficient solutions for prototyping and low volume production even in demanding environments
  • The market's widest and most diverse range of high-performance and engineering materials for your application
  • Comprehensive 3D post processing services
  • Certified FDM printing

3D print Service : Your benefits with Ensinger Additive Manufacturing

Engineering printing solutions

Our technical experts support your project from the selection of the right material to the finished 3D printed part. Take advantage of our expertise in custom consulting and implementation. Whether you're utilising our 3D printing prototype service or seeking a broader 3D printed service solution, we offer personalised guidance to meet your unique requirements.

High temperature filaments

With our 3D print service, we offer the market's widest and most diverse range of high temperature 3D printing materials tailored to your specific application. 
Additive manufacturing with TECAFIL filaments enables product properties that are not possible with other materials. This opens up applications that were previously unthinkable. 

Custom 3D printed parts

Our comprehensive 3D print service is designed to meet your specific needs. We offer a wide range of high-performance materials, personalised advice and commitment to delivering the highest quality 3D printed parts. This includes parts with high isotropic strength, optimum surface finishes and pressure-tightness to ensure your projects meet the highest standards.

Your expert for high quality industrial 3D printing

With our industrial 3D printing services, we offer 3D printed parts that are perfectly tailored to industry-specific requirements. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility provides fast and precise custom component production, prioritising safety and quality. We offer comprehensive support from material selection to the final 3D printed parts to meet your exact specifications.

3D printed parts of the highest quality

Surface finishing

Optimum surface quality is a critical factor in demanding environments. To meet the highest quality requirements, we offer a range of mechanical and chemical post-processing options as part of our 3D printing service. This not only creates visually appealing surfaces. Residues after cleaning or sterilisation are also avoided.

High isotropic strength

With high performance plastics expertise, manufacturing know-how and state-of-the-art machinery, we offer 3D printed parts with isotropic strength distribution. For materials such as PEEK & PPSU, we enable complex applications with mechanical properties at the level of injection moulding, without having to make compromises in terms of construction and design.

Print density

With our in-depth knowledge and experience, we can also process high-performance plastics into airtight and pressure-tight prototypes or final components without creating porosity or air pockets in the component. This enables bespoke production of components from batch size 1, with a quality comparable to other manufacturing techniques.

Certified 3D prinT service

Many industries are already utilising the benefits of additive manufacturing, but industry-specific applications have their own requirements and specifications. We print your high-performance plastic part to create high quality components even for complex applications. 
Our certified 3D printing services meet rigorous industry standards, particularly in the medical, aerospace and railway sectors. Our commitment extends to the use of certified materials and tested 3D printers that meet industry requirements. 
  • Our production processes and machines for medical technology are qualified according to ISO 13485 and the materials and filaments used have been tested for biocompatibility according to ISO 10993-1, -4, -5, -18.
  • Ensinger's 3D-printed parts meet FAR 25.853 requirements for aerospace use.
  • For the railway industry, we offer additively manufactured parts made of filaments in accordance with the relevant material standards and EN 45545-2.


From design and construction using modern CAD software to complete post processing and packaging: at the Ensinger One-Stop Shop for Additive Manufacturing, we cover the entire value chain in-house. This enables us to provide the highest quality, optimised processes and customised solutions. Thanks to our in-house compounding and filament extrusion, we offer the market's widest and most diverse range of high temperature 3D printing materials. If needed, we also produce customised materials that are precisely tailored to your requirements. 

How additive manufacturing can change your industry

"We manufacture 3D printed components from high performance plastics that are precisely tailored to your industrial requirements and meet highest quality standards."

Marius Graf, Start-Up Lead & Development Engineer

Trial bone plate

made of TECAFIL PPSU MT blue

3D printed trial bone plate

Bone plates play an important role in the treatment of fractures by holding the broken bone in place and allowing it to heal. Trial bone plates are used to help choose the right size bone plate. These can remain in the body for up to 24 hours and are subject to specific biocompatibility requirements. 3D printed TECAFIL PPSU MT blue trial bone plates meet these requirements and offer many advantages.