Metal detectable plastics

The detection of foreign bodies during processing and packaging of food, plays a fundamental role in ensuring safety, quality and in avoiding the possibility of plastic contamination in food.  Can metal detectors detect plastic is a question more Engineers in the food industry have begun to us.  In response to this need, we offer a range of compliant materials  in an ID (metal detectable plastic) and UD (ultra-detectable plastic) series, both of which are specially designed for the food industry.

All food grade plastics from the ID series are produced by adding a metal detectable additive. This ensures that  any plastic fragment can be identified rapidly using a standard metal detector present in the line, should there be breakage of a component made of one of these materials during production. Additionally, the blue coloration of the material helps to facilitate optical detection by the operator if this type of detection system is in use.

Ensinger's UD series also contains a special additive package that among other things makes it a metal detectable plastic.  Like many of our other food grade materials, its blue coloration facilitates optical detection, while other aspects of the formulation also allow for x-ray detection.  These characteristics make Ensinger Ultra Detectable plastics one of the most versatile detectable plastic families available today.  

ID series products for metal detection

The ID series of metal detectable plastics is available in rods and plates in a wide range of sizes and is obtainable in many variants in order to meet different application requirements

  • TECAPEEK ID blue, based on Victrex peek polymer, has high mechanical strength, excellent chemical resistance and is able to bear high operating temperatures.
  • TECAFORM AH ID blue and grey, the most popular food grade plastic in this field. This acetal food grade ensures high dimensional stability and machinability - characteristics necessary for production of precision components. Its high resistance to sterilization and low moisture absorption makes this material ideal for a wide range of applications in the food industry.   
  • TECAMID 6 ID blue, this blue nylon is characterized by a very high toughness which further reduces the risk of brittle breakage of the components.

All products of the ID series comply with the strict requirements of the food industry and are subject to migration tests required by the Regulation (EU)  10/2011. The raw material used also meets FDA requirements.


​TECAFORM AH ID inductive detectable POM-C is modified with a metal detectable filler that provides excellent protection while monitoring for unwanted particulates.


This PA 6 is modified with an metal detectable filler, and is likewise pigmented with a food-compliant blue colorant...


TECAPEEK ID blue is a metal detectable PEEK made with Victrex® PEEK polymer.


Like the ID series, Ensinger's ultra-detectable UD family is available in a variety of base polymers and shapes.

  • TECAPEEK UD blue is PEEK based, and offers the highest temperature, chemical and physical property characteristics in a food grade material.
  • TECAFORM AH UD blue uses copolymer acetal as the base polymer, and serves as the family work horse, suitable for both structural parts as well as wear applications.
  • TECADUR PBT UD blue is a PBT polyester that is best suited to application where chlorine and caustic cleaning solutions are utilized. 


TECAPEEK UD blue has the highest temperature and chemical resistance capability of all of Ensinger's Ultra-detectable products. With a heat deflection temperature of over 150°C...


TECAFORM AH UD blue is a revolutionary new food grade plastic that is an ultra detectable acetal copolymer designed specifically for food contact applications in the food industry.


TECADUR PBT UD blue (HYDEX 4101) has been specifically designed for the demanding environment of the food processing industry.

Applications of detectable peek materialS in food technology

Food scraper

made of TECAFORM AH ID blue

Food Scraper in safety with POM-C detectable

In the food industry, most filling machines use a scraper in the funnel to ensure a constant flow of the food. In this component for meat or sausage meat, the customer was used to making the scraper of TECAFORM AH natural, an acetal food grade, but decided to change to using TECAFORM AH ID blue in order to improve detection of any plastic contamination in food.

There are numerous engineering components of plant and equipment used to produce and pack food which can be replaced with plastic materials from the ID series, ranging from the dairy industry to meat processing, to the confectionery sector and bakery. In each of these areas, greater safety and weight reductions due to the use of these materials results in tangible energy savings and lower costs.