PTFE unfilled

PTFE is one of the most commonly used and important fluoropolymer materials, useful in a wide variety of applications. It is a commonly preferred material for sliding applications, and especially in environments that will expose the part to chemical stress.



Chemical designation
PTFE (Polytetrafluorethylene)
2.15 g/cm3

Main Features

  • very good electrical insulation
  • very good slide and wear properties
  • inherent flame retardant
  • continuous service temperature up to 260 °C
  • very good chemical resistance
  • good UV and weather resistance

Target industries

Technical details

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    Mechanical properties Value Unit Parameter Norm
    Tensile strength 22 MPa ASTM D 4894
    Elongation at break (tensile test) 220 % ASTM D 4894
    Compression strength 5 MPa 1% strain ASTM D 695
    Shore hardness 55 Shore D ASTM D 2240
    Shore hardness 59 D DIN EN ISO 868
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    Thermal properties Value Unit Parameter Norm
    Glass transition temperature 20 C DIN EN ISO 11357
    Thermal conductivity 0.20 W/(k*m) ASTM C 177
    Service temperature 260 C short term -
    Service temperature 260 C long term -
    Thermal expansion (CLTE) 13 10-5*1/K 23-100°C, long. ASTM D 696
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    Electrical properties Value Unit Parameter Norm
    surface resistivity 1016 ASTM D 257
    volume resistivity 1017 Ω*cm ASTM D 257
    Dielectric strength 80 kV/mm In air, 0.125mm thick ASTM D 149
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    Other properties Value Unit Parameter Norm
    Flammability (UL94) V0 corresponding to DIN IEC 60695-11-10;
    Water absorption 0.01 % 23°C ASTM D 570
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    Relative costs Value Unit Parameter Norm
    Relative costs EU from € to €€€€€€ €€

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