TECAMID 66 GF35 natural

PA 66 filled with 35% glass fibres

PA66 GF35 is a 35% glass fibre reinforced plastic PA 66. It is often used in industries such as aviation and mechanical engineering. Compared to TECAMID 66 GF30 black this glass filled nylon 66 has improved stiffness yet again and can withstand high loads. The properties make the PA 66 GF modification a material that is suitable for components that are subjected to high static loads over long periods of time and at high temperatures. However, Nylon 66 GF35 is less suitable for sliding applications as glass fibres can lead to considerable abrasion on contact surfaces.



Chemical designation
PA 66 (Polyamide 66)
1,4 g/cm3

Main Features

  • very high stiffness
  • resistant to many oils, greases and fuels
  • good wear properties
  • very high strength
  • high dimensional stability
  • good heat deflection temperature
  • good weldable and bondable

Target industries

Technical details

  • Mechanical properties
    Mechanical propertiesValueUnitParameterNorm
    Elongation at yield7%50mm/minDIN EN ISO 527-2
    Tensile strength103MPa50mm/minDIN EN ISO 527-2
    Modulus of elasticity
    (tensile test)
    5500MPa1mm/minDIN EN ISO 527-2
    Elongation at break11%50mm/minDIN EN ISO 527-2
    Impact strength (Charpy)85kJ/m2DIN EN ISO 179-1eU
    Notched impact strength (Charpy)5kJ/m2DIN EN ISO 179-1eA
    Flexural strength150MPaDIN EN ISO 178
    Modulus of elasticity
    (flexural test)
    5100MPaDIN EN ISO 178
  • Thermal properties
    Thermal propertiesValueUnitParameterNorm
    Service temperature170Cshort termNN
    Glass transition temperature48CDIN EN ISO 11357
    Service temperature110Clong termNN
    Melting temperature254CDIN EN ISO 11357
  • Electrical properties
    Electrical propertiesValueUnitParameterNorm
    volume resistivity1014O*cmSilver electrode, 23°C, 12% r.h.DIN IEC 60093
    surface resistivity1014OSilver electrode, 23°C, 12% r.h.DIN IEC 60093
  • Other properties
    Other propertiesValueUnitParameterNorm
    Resistance to hot water/ bases(+)--
    Flammability (UL94)HB-corresponding toDIN IEC 60695-11-10;
    Resistance to weathering(+)-NN

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