TECASINT 5201 SD black

Polyamidimide carbon and glass fibre reinforced

The material TECASINT 5201 SD is based on the base polymer TECASINT 5011. It is static dissipative, has a surface resistance of 109-11 ohms and reduced thermal elongation. It is ideally suited to application in the semiconductor industry thanks to its high surface hardness and rigidity. The glass transition temperature is 340°C, while the maximum service temperature – for a short time – is up to 300°C.


Chemical Designation:
PAI (Polyamidimide)
# black
1,54 g/cm3

Main Features:

  • low thermal expansion
  • antistatic
  • high thermal and mechanical capacity
  • good wear resistance
  • high creep resistance
  • resistance against high energy radiation
  • good chemical resistance
  • sensitive to hydrolysis in higher thermal range

Target Industries:

aircraft and aerospace technology
cryogenic engineering
electrical engineering
mechanical engineering
nuclear and vacuum technology
semiconductor technology


Technical Details

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