Material selection and engineering solutions

High performance and engineering plastics are used in every sector of industry. Only with the right material can a design achieve its desired functionality, safety, and service life, thus, the plastic material selection process is critical to successful part design. It is primarily the application conditions that determine the right choice of material. However, in addition to the application conditions, the search for a suitable plastic should also take a number of other considerations into account.

Plastic selection guide

In attempting to determine a suitable material for a particular application, it is important to compare the plastic properties, material characteristics, and the requirement profile in detail. Ensinger supports the material selection process with an advisor tool or plastic selection guide, by providing all the data available on our stock shapes in an organised way. The plastics material selector will help you find the right polymer to suit your requirements.

The material selector will show you the full range of plastics available, or the filter options on the left can be used to narrow the choice down to plastics consistent with the selected attributes. Please note, the material selector should only be used as a guide and should not replace practical testing. 

Comparison tool

With the plastic material selector, it is possible to limit the choice of suitable materials to a manageable number. Our comparison tool allows users to compare the details and properties of up to four different plastic materials at a time on a single page. To activate the tool, click on the comparison button. You will find this feature in the product overview (material selector) or on each product page.

Technical advice 

To help with the material selection process, our application engineering advisors are also happy to help. Not only will you get support on selecting the right material, but also on further processing, regulations and requirements. Our broad application specific expertise enables us to assist you from the very first product idea through the selection of materials and designs, to the finished component. For all this and any additional inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our advisory team for free expert advice at any time, by mail on [obfemailstart]c2hhcGVzQGVuc2luZ2VycGxhc3RpY3MuY29t[obfemailend] or by telephone on +49 7032 819-101.

Requirements in the field of application engineering

Material selection criteria and properties can be complex. The following section explains the main product characteristics and test methods, as well as to providing a compact outline of our extensive collection of plastics related knowledge. in addition to theoretical facts and information on requirements, it also recommends available materials.