Polyimides in polymer blends and alloys: better tribological properties and better thermal resistance

Reinforcing with PTFE and/or graphite is commonly used to improve wear properties of thermoplastics in tribological applications. Now it is possible to improve the wear resistance in other polymers with the use of TECAPOWDER P84 polyimide (based on P84® by Evonik). The addition of P84 increases the tribological properties as well as the thermal resistance in some cases. Blending work has been done with PES, PPS, EPOXY, PUR and PAEK. The major argument for TECAPOWDER P84 is the availability of the resin and simple processing in combination with other polymers. The reinforcement levels require only a very small amount of P84 to obtain the improved properties. In some cases sufficient results were reached under the use of only 2 to 5 % polyimide in the base resin. The reduction of softening at temperatures near the Tg of such high-performance polymers helps in many applications. It has been found that in combination with other polymers, the mechanical properties also will be increased, e. g. in PPS.

Possible applications:

  • Sliding parts in mechanical equipment, compressor seals, piston rings and valve plates
  • Lubricant free bearings and dynamic seals on different applications

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