Machinable plastics for mechanical engineering 

Plastic stock shapes have become a central part of the mechanical engineering industry. They are increasingly replacing metals, and can impress with their properties such as low density, good wear and sliding properties along with chemical resistance. 

Ensinger offers a wide range of thermoplastic stock shapes for numerous applications. In particular, our solutions of engineering and high-performance plastics meet the highest quality standards and can also be modified according to individual requirements. This makes these stock shapes particularly versatile. 

Ensinger offers a huge standard portfolio with over 1300 dimensions in stock. The portfolio includes

  • rods (diameter 4 mm up to 800 mm)
  • plates (thickness 1 mm up to 150 mm) and
  • tubes (outer diameter 20 mm up to over 800 mm).

Due to this variety, near-finished dimensions can be selected and thus waste can be avoided.

In the following you can see a few important stock shapes which are regularly used in mechanical engineering. In addition, you can filter and select the material individually according to your requirements via our stock shape selection

TECAPEEK natural

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) - TECAPEEK natural is a high performance, high temperature, semi-crystalline thermoplastic manufactured by Ensinger...

TECAST T natural

TECAST T natual cast nylon offers a combination of good mechanical properties, excellent bearing and wear characteristics, and the large-size capabilities of the casting process.


TECAPET white is formulated to provide improved toughness, and enhanced machinability. The material also offers excellent sliding and wear properties as well as a low coefficient of friction…
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