plastic compounds portfolio

Compounds product portfolio meets demanding requirements 

Ensinger Compounds develops and manufactures high-performance compounds which are optimised with the aid of fillers and additives. In addition to proven standard materials, we also create individual solutions: compounds tailor-made to meet customer needs.

Friction-wear optimised TECACOMP® TRM

slide friction optimized plastic compounds

Tribologically optimised and mechanically reinforced compounds with optimum sliding and wear properties at maximal strength.

Thermally conductive TECACOMP® TC

thermally conductive plastic compounds

Thermally conductive plastics offer cooling performance comparable to that of metals.

Laser direct structuring TECACOMP® LDS

lase direct structuring plastic compounds

Injection-moulded high-temperature plastics combine housing and circuit carriers in one.

Highly graphite filled TECACOMP® HTE

graphite filled plastic compounds

For applications in energy technology the high filling ratio of TECACOMP® enables a degree of electrical and thermal conductivity previously unachievable with plastics.

Detectable TECACOMP® ID

Plastic compunds detectable

TECACOMP® ID is picked up by metal and X-ray detectors: material residues are detected by standard systems.