Bike crank made from thermoplastic composites

Composite parts

Ensinger has outstanding design and engineering experience in development and manufacturing of parts made from thermoplastic composites for a wide range of industries. Our development services include layup design, material selection, mechanical simulation, prototype manufacturing, dimensional and mechanical testing. Depending on the requirements we develop new manufacturing processes and their automation. Our process portfolio allows us to manufacture stock shapes, moulded blanks for further machining, net shape parts and lightweight structures.

Case study

Mountings for electrical plug-in connections

made from a pre-preg glass fibre and PEI matrix

Mountings for electrical plug-in connections

Lightweight and high-strength materials have become indispensable for high-end applications in the aviation industry. A pre-preg approved for the aviation industry with glass fibre and a PEI matrix (polyether imide) was chosen for as a substitute to metal for mountings for electrical plug-in connections.