x-ray detectable biocompatible PEEK, ivory coloured

TECAPEEK MT XRO ivory combines the excellent property profile of PEEK with a radio opacifier. The addition of this additive to the standard product line permits clear visibility of components under fluoroscopy and X-ray radiation. Plastic components made from this x-ray detectable material provide the surgeon with a precise picture of his or her instruments or of orthopaedic test implants during image-controlled procedures. According to our MT portfolio (medical grade materials), the XRO product line has been tested in line with the requirements of ISO 10993 for medical products direcelty in contact with bodily fluids, bone substance and dentin for up to 24 hours. TECAPEEK MT XRO is available in multiple colours.



Chemical designation
PEEK (Polyetheretherketone)
1,49 g/cm3

Main Features

  • high creep resistance
  • x-ray opaque
  • good chemical resistance
  • good slide and wear properties
  • resistance against high energy radiation
  • very good stress cracking resistance
  • hydrolysis and superheated steam resistant
  • very good sterilisable

Target industries

medical technology
food technology
mechanical engineering

Technical details

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