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ThomasTECARIM production

Nyrim rods, plates and finished parts for applications under rough conditions

Nyrim casting is a specialised casting process suitable for small and medium quantities and for semi-finished or moulded parts. The products are highly robust, abrasion-resistant and suitable for applications involving extreme loads. A polymer additive has been added to the PA 6 C base material to create an especially impact-resistant polyamide 6 block copolymer. The material properties can be adjusted depending on the specific application. Composites, insert components and textile reinforcements can also be manufactured. Ensinger uses Nyrim from Brüggemann for TECARIM products.

WHY Ensinger Nyrim?

Highly versatile and resiliant material

Finished parts made of Nyrim offer optimal properties:

  • No brittleness and breakage
  • Outstanding mechanical properties
  • UV resistant as proven in numerous outdoor applications for many years
  • Material properties can be adjusted for specific applications
  • Robust, abrasion resistant parts for extreme loads
  • Can be utilised in place of aluminium and steel parts in certain cases where weight is an issue 
  • Usage temperature: -60 °C to +120 °C

Robust, abrasion-resistant parts for extreme loads

RIM production (reaction injection moulding) is a pressureless moulded casting process offering many advantages:

  • Parts have very low or no internal tensions
  • Combination of different wall thicknesses
  • Parts up to 35 kg
  • Processing with economical aluminium tools allow for series of between 300 - 100,000 pieces
  • Insertion of parts and textile reinforcement are possible
  • Organic sheets or composites can be manufactured using glass or carbon fibres 

Delivery Forms

Core Industries

Application examples

One Part Clamp

cast from TECARIM yellow (modified). It allows the linking of several buckets to a bucket chain.

  • Resistant to salt water
  • Combines the material characteristics of strength with the necessary flexibility of the side spring elements
  • Casted and totally finished in one cycle – therefore no milling or other finishing becomes necessary

Friction pad for chair lift

made from TECARIM black (modified)

  • Good dry running
  • Wear resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Cold resistant

Track pad for track vehicles

made from TECARIM yellow (modified)

  • Low abrasion
  • Excellent toughness
  • Long service life
  • High mechanical load




Roller for baggage transport system on airports

made from TECARIM blue (modified)

  • Good impact strength
  • Good shock absorption

Case study press relief block

Spring relief blocks for heavy tools

made from TECARIM 1500 yellow

More security with spring relief blocks made from TECARIM 1500 yellow

For spring assemblies in heavy tools relief must be provided when the tools are out of use. If the relief elements are accidentally not removed before the tools are taken into operation, the relief blocks made of TECARIM do not break or burst but deform. Thus they offer security for people and tools.


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