Ensinger Llantrisant Building
Engineering expertise

2003 : The birth of Ensinger Precision Engineering 

Ensinger UK was founded in 1987 with a clear vision to dominate the UK's engineering plastics market. Following the companies success over the years, a machining operation was established at the original UK headquarters, based in Llantrisant, South Wales, to compliment their stock shapes offerings, resulting in a total solutions provider from semi finished plastics through to final finished component.

This machining operation became an independent trading company in 2003, called Ensinger Precision Engineering Ltd.  

2013 : EPE celebrates 10 years in business

EPE Staff

April 2013 marked the 10th anniversary of EPE. The machining operation was established at the original UK headquarters, based in Llantrisant, South Wales. A decade later and a few miles up the road in its new location in Tonyrefail, and purpose built manufacturing premises, EPE had grown substantially through continuous developments and success stories.

One of the most important developments for EPE during this time was the achievement of the ISO 13485 quality standard, allowing them to produce finished components suitable for use in medical and bio science technology. 

To celebrate this prestigious milestone, a surprise presentation from John Speirs took place, where all employees were presented with a small commemorative gift. Following the great success of its first decade, EPE made it its mission to continue to triumph with forward thinking ideas and the highest quality production. 

2015 : EPE invests in the future

In 2013, Ensinger UK announced that the new robot cell was fully operational at its EPE machining facility in Tonyrefail. Investment in the new £500,000 state of the art Mazak robotic cell was expected to boost turnover by over £1 million a year.

The new robot cell supported the increasing requirements for efficient machining of high precision and tight toleranced components, and enabled lights out production, 24 hours a day in EPE.

The robot cell introduced a highly efficient system that can cope with low, medium and high volume cycles and delivers a bespoked service to customers. 

2017 : EPE today! 

Ensinger Precision Engineer continues to grow at a rapid rate, remaining at the forefront of an ever growing technological industry. 

EPE continuously invests in innovative state of the art machinery. Recently the deburring team welcomed the latest deburring equipment in and techniques into their department - ensuring their parts are deburred and finished to the highest possible standard.

EPE continues to go from strength to strength, by maintaining efforts to increase capabilities as well as developing the workforce. EPE plans to increase its capacity during 2017/18 including the development of its apprenticeship schemes.