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About Us 

Ensinger Precision Engineering is a market leader in the manufacturing of precision plastic components. Established in April 2003, EPE is part of the Ensinger group of companies. Ensinger was founded in 1966 and is now a worldwide organisation employing over 2000 staff in 28 locations worldwide. 

EPE offers this global expertise from its purpose built manufacturing premises based at the UK headquarters in South Wales. Its prime location allows the company to service a number of industries such as medical, life science, food, automotive and aerospace industries.

High precision, tightly toleranced and geometrically challenging parts manufactured by EPE can be found in many thousands of applications, and everywhere from the depths of the North Sea to the outer reaches of space.

The company is backed by the Ensinger Group's global expertise and a stock holding of over 100 different engineering plastic materials, including a range of medical grade thermoplastics. Alongside this, EPE's quality management systems for medical technology are certified in compliance with ISO13485, allowing them to produce finished components suitable for use in medical and bio science technology. 

Key Facts



Managing director:

Terry Maggs 


Tonyrefail, South Wales


approx. 60

Why EPE?

Application Examples

Valve body

made from TECAFLON PVDF natural

Gear case for tooth rack

machined from TECAPEEK natural and TECAPEEK PVX black

Bottle gripper

made of polyimide TECASINT 6032

Case Studies

Knee trial implants

made of TECASON P MT

Test Implants for Knee Joint Prostheses

Manufacturers of knee endoprostheses are now in a global market for sales and customers. Apart from the actual implant, tools and instruments are of increasing importance. These facilitate handling during the operation, enhance patient safety and may even reduce the follow-up expenses for reprocessing. These instruments include test implants, which sometimes serve to differentiate products from the competitors. 


made of TECAFORM AH blue

Needleblock for meat processing

Not only the components which come into direct contact with food should be made of materials which comply with food contact regulations. This block is a component of a fully automated system developed to enhance flavour and shelf life by saline injection using needles, so safety is an important requirement.

Target arm


Orthopaedic fixing systems

The goal of orthopaedic trauma treatment is to restore a broken bone to its correct position and orientation. When this is done by means of surgical intervention, fixing systems are used to secure the bone in the anatomically correct position. Manufacturers of such fixing systems need to meet many and exacting requirements in terms of function, weight and appearance, at the same time as keeping an eye on the overall costs in view of increasingly tight budgets.