Over 50 years experience
Trig EngineeringNorth Petherton

1965 : The birth of Trig Engineering

Trig Engineering was founded by Percy Triggol, who prior to starting up Trig worked in sales for a local company in Bridgwater. His entrepreneurial mentality saw him taking the plunge away from his day job to start his own business as a plastic machining specialist.

The original site, located in North Petherton, was an old blacksmiths yard and central to the aerospace industry, which is still an important part of Trig's machined part portfolio. 

Percy Triggol

1994 : Trig becomes part of the Ensinger group

Workshop - 1994

Over the next 29 years, Trig Engineering went from strength to strength. By 1994, the company had expanded its manufacturing capabilities and grew its customer base considerably, earning the company sales of £2 million.

Through sustained success, Percy Triggol (Founder) took on another venture, integrating the company into the Ensinger Group, enhancing the existing in-house machining operations and taking the company to the next level.

1997 : Trig expands to accommodate continued growth

Within a few years of Ensinger’s ownership, Trig had outgrown its current facility at North Petherton. Through quick expansion, Ensinger needed more capacity to support its staff and production demands.

Wilfried and Martha Ensinger cut the first soil in preparation for the new facility, located at Huntworth Business Park, Bridgwater. Soon after, Trig and its workforce of almost 100 staff moved into their new purpose built manufacturing facility, where they continue to develop the business to keep up with high demand.

1997 - Ensinger Trig

2004 : Trig celebrates 10 years with Ensinger

Trig 10 years

Trig celebrates its 10 year anniversary since becoming part of the Ensinger Group. The success of Trig Engineering comes from years of Trig's heritage, the hard work and dedication of the whole workforce and Ensinger's forward thinking and ability to stay abreast of technology in a fast paced environment. 

The anniversary was marked with a celebratory day which included a presentation at Trig for employees. This was not only a recognition of achievements so far, but also to look to the prosperous future of the company. 

2012: £5million turnover milestone

Between 2004 to 2012, the rapid growth of computerised technology saw Trig Engineering move in to a new era of plastic machining. Further technological advances in machining created a new challenge for the company.

Trig stood up to the challenge and continued to research, develop and grow the business by anticipating the next industry move. This innovative thinking saw the company turnover its £5million milestone in 2012. 

Trig's milestone

2015: Trig's 50th anniversary 

Trig celebrated its 50 year anniversary since being established in 1965. To commemorate the event, an end of summer celebration was held at Trig Engineering's site in Bridgwater. Klaus Ensinger (Managing Director, Ensinger GmbH), his wife Irmgard and their children Nicole and Oliver joined the party. They received a VIP site tour from the Ensinger Group Directors.  

Today, Trig is still at the forefront of engineering plastic technology, with a clear future vision to continue its growth and success.