Information on the Corona Pandemic

Dear customers,

We are currently receiving more and more enquiries about the possible effects of the corona pandemic (COVID-19) on Ensinger's ability to supply. Therefore, we would like to inform you about the current situation.

As of today, Ensinger is able to supply globally.

We currently do not see any bottlenecks in the area of operational activities at the locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (Ensinger GmbH, Moll Engineering GmbH, Ensinger Sintimid GmbH, Ensinger Tecarim GmbH, Ensinger Composites Schweiz GmbH).

Ensinger's production and sales activities at the other European sites, in North and South America and in Asia ( are also not significantly affected.

We anticipate that there will soon be delays in shipments due to border controls and closures, especially in Europe, but also on other continents. The logistic capacity bottlenecks may also affect products for which delivery dates have already been given to you.

The situation of the individual supply chains is dynamic and can change daily for individual divisions of the Ensinger Group. We have therefore implemented a task force and internal coordination processes to continually assess the situation. If there are any changes that affect your orders, we will inform you via our sales department as soon as possible.

Medical technology products: Ensinger is helping

The Coronavirus pandemic is leading to a rapidly growing demand for medical technology equipment worldwide. In order to make plastic components for medical devices available in larger quantities, we are working on high priority national and international projects in cooperation with external partners. We have set up a Medical Device Task Force at Ensinger to coordinate these requests across our locations. Please inform us about your technical requirements.

Preventive measures:

The health of all people who work for and with Ensinger is our highest priority. We consistently comply with the regulations and guidelines issued by national and regional authorities. These include preventive measures (obligatory instructions for action, hygiene and disinfection regulations, avoidance of contact, cell formation in production, use of electronic means of communication) and, of course, special protective and quarantine measures in the event of suspected cases of infection.

Please understand that we will reduce personal contacts with customers and other business partners to the essentials during these weeks. In order to ensure business operations, we grant forwarding agents and other suppliers controlled access to our sites.

With these measures we want to at least help to slow down the spread of the virus and ensure that in the event of an infection at our sites, affected persons have had as little contact with others as possible.

Except for these restrictions, we are fully available to you. We look forward to working with you even in this exceptional situation and will do our utmost to continue to be a reliable partner.

With kind regards
The management